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A girl being stalked by a suspicious man

Your Guide To Understanding Florida Stalking Laws

In the United States, there are 7.5 million incidents of stalking every year. Women are more likely to be stalked than men, but this is an issue that can affect people of any gender, race, age, and socioeconomic class. Although most people think they know exactly what stalking is, the

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Fair Bail

Can I Get My Case Transferred to Mental Health Court?

If you or a loved one have been arrested in Hillsborough County and have mental health issues, you may be eligible to have the case transferred to Mental Health Court rather than staying in standard court. Pursuant to Hillsborough County Administrative Order S-2017-036, a mental health court has been established

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Record Expunged Criminal Defense Lawyer Tampa

Can I Get the Evidence Thrown Out Or Suppressed?

If you or a loved one have been arrested and evidence was seized without a warrant as a result of the arrest you are entitled to a suppression hearing to determine whether the evidence was properly seized. In many cases, a law enforcement officer will improperly seize evidence after a

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Vehicular manslaughter attorney - Man handcuffed and police putting on cuffs

What is an Organized Scheme to Defraud?

The term “scheme to defraud” is defined as an ongoing course of conduct with the intent to defraud one or more persons. When charged as an organized scheme to defraud, multiple acts become lesser included offenses, For example, if someone tricks several people into purchasing a bicycle when there is

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How to Get A Prescription Drug Charge Dismissed

If you have been charged with a prescription drug offense you may be able to get the charge dismissed. Every criminal defendant is entitled to challenge the charges against him or her. A defendant may request that the judge dismiss or reduce the charges. A criminal defense attorney should determine

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Domestic Abuse during Coronavirus

What is an Injunction?

Injunctions or ‘orders of protection’ are put in place by the court to essentially keep a person from doing an action. That action could be having contact with someone, going near a person, or some other kind of activity. Injunctions are used as a form of protection in many different

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