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You drank too much and drove home.  It can happen to just about anyone. None of us are immune.  At The Law Office of Daniel J. Fernandez, P.A., we have represented doctors, lawyers, bankers, entrepreneurs, and many, many others who have been accused of driving under the influence (DUI). Alcohol, illegal or prescription drugs, or simple lack of sleep can impair driving to an unsafe, unlawful level.  If you have been charged with DUI, or any state or federal criminal offense, the decision about who you hire to represent you is critical. Our firm handles DUI defense cases throughout the state of Florida, including Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Pasco County, Polk County, Hernando County, Manatee County, Sarasota County, and Citrus County.

Who Should I Take Advice From?

If you are taking legal advice from the DMV, the Police, people you met in jail, friends, family, or anyone other than a licensed Florida attorney, you are making a mistake that could cost in ways you never imagined. Whether it’s a first-time DUI arrest or a repeated offense, being found guilty of a DUI is a mandatory conviction that includes heavy fines, penalties, possible jail time, as well as possible license suspension.  However, just because you have been arrested for a DUI does not mean that your world is over. Now is the time to fight and face this problem with all of your available resources.

Why work with us and why we are the best choice?

Award-Winning Firm

We are known to “go to the mats” for our clients. That carries extraordinary weight and respect with prosecutors and other lawyers.

Experience Counts

Daniel J. Fernandez has more than 500 trials.

5 Star Rating

We are consistently rated among the top criminal defense lawyers by our peers, major independent legal authorities, and others in the community.

Direct Attorney Access

We will provide you with a free consultation where you will speak directly with one of our attorneys. Call us at 813-229-5353.

We Fight for You

Our practice consists solely of trial attorneys and we dedicate ourselves to securing the best result for each and every client who enlists our services.

What is the Law?

In Florida, it is a crime to drive under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance to the extent that your normal faculties are impaired. Florida law does not require the State to prove intoxication. The State is required to prove that you are impaired, not necessarily that you are intoxicated or drunk, to the extent that your ability to operate a motor vehicle has been compromised. Remember that it is not illegal to drink and drive. Otherwise, there would not be parking lots at a bar! It is only illegal to drive after you have been drinking to the extent you are impaired. Not drunk, but impaired (lower standard than drunk).

Courts that Govern DUI’s

What makes it more confusing is that two different courts with two different sanctions may negatively impact you.  One court is the administrative court of the Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicle (DHSMV) which can only take away your driver’s license. The second court is the county criminal court which can take away your license and put you in jail.  Clearly, the criminal court is more serious, but the administrative court taking away your driver’s license will be a great inconvenience. We can help minimize the negative effects of both courts.

How We Can Help

We understand that you may be feeling scared, intimidated, overwhelmed, and anxious, but we are here to help.  The Fernandez & law office has a firm belief in personally working out every case to achieve the best possible outcome. As your attorney, I will thoroughly analyze all the evidence the State has against you to find the best possible defense in your case. If a Motion to Suppress can be filed; it will be filed. If your case demands to be tried by a judge or jury; I will try it. Whatever it takes I will ensure that your case is handled with the attention and respect it deserves. I am confident that we can help see you through this situation and handle your case efficiently and effectively.  You aren’t just a “case” to us – you are a real person facing life obstacles.  The Fernandez & law firm wants you to receive the help and care you deserve.

Who Do I Call?

It’s important to contact a defense lawyer as soon as you can. The more time you wait, the more time you give the prosecution to get their “ducks in a row”. Additionally, valuable time-sensitive evidence and testimony must be gathered. We will provide you with a free consultation where you will speak directly with one of our attorneys. The Fernandez &  law office is designed to swiftly resolve any difficulties that you may face. Our attorneys continue to strive upon improving and bettering the situations of our clients. Contact Daniel J. Fernandez or Martin today so we can fight for you and protect your rights. Call (813) 229-5353.


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