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Domestic Abuse during Coronavirus

What is an Injunction?

Injunctions or ‘orders of protection’ are put in place by the court to essentially keep a person from doing an action. That action could be having contact with someone, going near a person, or some other kind of activity. Injunctions are used as a form of protection in many different

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Restraining Order Attorney in Tampa Florida

Why Should I Hire an Injunction or Restraining Order Attorney?

Why Should I Hire an Injunction or Restraining Order Attorney? A restraining order or an injunction for protection can be a powerful tool to help victims of domestic violence, stalking or other threatening behavior protect themselves and their loved ones. Why Should I Contact an Injunction or Restraining Order Lawyer?

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Injunction – Can I have Contact? But They’re Contacting Me!

The protected party cannot be charged with violating it, even if that person initiates the contact. There are often circumstances which can mitigate the finding of contempt or charges being placed, but “no contact” means no contact. So even if you beat the wrap, you’re taking the ride. There are

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