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Leaving the Scene of A Crash (Hit-and-Run)

Hit and Run Accident - Leaving the scene of an accident - photo of a car speeding away

Have You or a Loved-One Been Involved in a Hit-and Run Crash?

Do not leave the scene of a crash without complying with the reporting requirements. Leaving the scene of a crash is a criminal offense. The penalties depend on the damage caused by the crash and whether anyone was injured or killed. If you or a loved-one have been involved in a hit-and-run crash in the Tampa Bay area contact an experienced criminal lawyer immediately.

Why should I Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney?

An officer is permitted to come to your home or business to interrogate you, unless you have an attorney. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you invoke your right to remain silent and keep an investigator from going to your home or workplace to interrogate you about the crash. Once the police know that you have an attorney, they are not allowed to ask you questions about the incident.

An aggressive criminal defense attorney can track down and preserve favorable evidence and information about how the crash occurred, and provide that information to the police on your behalf so that the officer can complete a crash report and close the criminal part of the investigation.

Additionally, an experience attorney can contact your insurance company and quickly resolve any claims for damages. If you or a loved-one have made the mistake of leaving scene of a crash contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who can represent you at every stage of the case.

Why Fernandez &

If you or a loved-one have been involved in a hit-and-run crash, the experienced Tampa criminal defense attorneys at Fernandez & aggressively represent clients who have been arrested in the Tampa Bay Area, including Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Polk County, Manatee County, Sarasota County, Pasco County, Hernando County, and throughout the State of Florida.

The attorneys at Fernandez & are familiar with the procedures used by law enforcement agencies in hit-and-run cases. Our attorneys can contact the investigating officer on your behalf and help you deal with the insurance company so that any claims are quickly and properly resolved. Our lawyers know and understand the policy and procedures used by hit-and-run investigators. Once the police know that you are represented by Fernandez & , they are not allowed to ask you any questions about the incident. If your vehicle has been towed to the impound lot or held for evidence, the hit-and-run attorneys at Fernandez & may be able to  get the vehicle returned while still protecting your right to remain silent. The experienced hit-and-run attorneys at Fernandez & will protect your rights, help get you released on bond, and fight for you. The experienced trial attorneys at Fernandez & may hire an accident reconstruction expert to explain your side of the story to the police or to a jury if necessary.

Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel J. Fernandez

Attorney Daniel J. Fernandez of Fernandez & provides legal representation for individuals in criminal cases. Daniel J. Fernandez will get the best result at every stage of the case. If you or a loved-one have been involved hit-and-run crash, criminal defense attorney Daniel J. Fernandez can help guide you through the process.

Our Tampa Attorneys Daniel Fernandez and Martin are bilingual. We recommend reading their reviews on Google Reviews, Avvo and Yelp.

Daniel J. Fernandez

Daniel J. Fernandez

Daniel J. Fernandez defends individuals charged with a misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses throughout the Tampa Bay area and the State of Florida. With more than 30 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney and hundreds of jury trials, Daniel earned tremendous accolades from judges, other lawyers, defendants, and even jurors. Daniel started his legal career as a state prosecutor and became the chief of the Narcotics division before opening his own law practice in 1985.

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