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What is a Fraud or Financial Crime and Do I Need an Attorney?

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If you or a loved one is under investigation or have been arrested for fraud or financial crime you may need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Fraud and financial crimes are a form of theft that occurs when a person takes money or property with the intent to gain a benefit from it. Fraud and financial crimes usually involve some kind of deceit or the abuse of a position of trust. See Section 812, Florida Statutes, and Section 817, Florida Statutes.

Are Financial Crimes State Or Federal Offenses?

Many fraud and financial crimes are state crimes. However, some fraud and financial crimes involve state and federal violations and can be prosecuted at the federal level. Some fraud and financial crimes are federal crimes that are only prosecuted in federal court.

If you are being investigated for fraud or financial crime, you may want an attorney with state and federal experience with you during questioning. Some of these fraud and financial crimes are:

  • Fraud, Conspiracy to Commit Fraud and Scheme to Defraud;
  • Employee Theft or Embezzlement;
  • Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft;
  • Securities Fraud, Telemarketing Fraud, Investment Schemes;
  • Bank Fraud, Forgery, Mail Fraud, and Money Laundering;
  • Insurance Fraud, Staged Accidents, False Insurance Claims, and Arson;
  • Mortgage Fraud, False Information on Mortgage Documents;
  • Health Care Fraud, Fraudulent Billing, Medicare, and Medicaid Fraud.

What Is Fraud, Conspiracy To Commit Fraud, And Scheme To Defraud?

Fraud is the use of deception for monetary gain and always includes a false statement, misrepresentation or deceitful conduct. For example, it may be fraud if a land developer misrepresents real estate as waterfront property knowing that it is actually a swamp, and a victim purchases the property and suffers a loss.

What Is Employee Theft Or Embezzlement?

The crime of embezzlement happens when a person has lawful possession of another person’s property and takes that property for his own. For example, it may be theft or embezzlement if an employee who is authorized to pay the company’s bills writes a company check to buy themself a new car without authorization.

What Is Credit Card Fraud And Identity Theft?

Credit card fraud is a form of identity theft that involves the unauthorized taking of someone’s credit card information for the purpose of charging purchases to the account or removing funds from it. For example, it may be credit card fraud and identity theft if someone opens a new account with stolen identification and makes purchases using the card.

What Is Securities Fraud, Telemarketing Fraud, Investment Schemes, Ponzi Schemes?

Securities fraud occurs when someone makes a false statement about a company or the value of its stock and others make financial decisions based on the false information. Telemarketing fraud is where someone calls the victim, makes a false statement, and the misrepresentation causes the victim to give money or sensitive information to the caller

What Is Bank Fraud, Forgery, Mail Fraud, And Money Laundering?

Bank fraud or mortgage fraud includes various illegal schemes involving some type of misrepresentation on banking or mortgage documents. Mail fraud is the use of the U.S. Postal Service or a private interstate carrier to commit a crime of deceit. Money laundering statutes make it a crime to transfer money derived from almost any criminal activity into seemingly legitimate channels, in an attempt to disguise the origin of the funds.

What Is Insurance Fraud, Staged Accidents, False Insurance Claims, And Arson?

Insurance fraud is any act committed to defraud an insurance company. This occurs when a claimant attempts to obtain some benefit they are not entitled by staging an accident, filing a false claim, or committing arson.

What Is Health Care Fraud, Fraudulent Billing, Medicare, And Medicaid Theft Or Fraud?

Health care fraud includes billing for services that were never rendered and falsifying a patient’s diagnosis to justify tests, surgeries or other procedures that aren’t medically necessary.

Should I Contact A Fraud And Financial Crime Defense Attorney?

If you or a loved one is under investigation or have been arrested for fraud or financial crime it is important to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Daniel J. Fernandez can help level the playing field, protect your rights and see that you get a fair shake. Not every attorney has the qualifications and experience to handle a fraud or financial crimes case. He has worked hard to do that, earning hundreds of 5-star Google reviews.

If you or a loved one needs legal assistance with fraud or financial crimes case call Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel J. Fernandez at 813-229-5353, or simply go online to fill out and send us your online form.

Daniel J. Fernandez

Daniel J. Fernandez

Daniel J. Fernandez defends individuals charged with a misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses throughout the Tampa Bay area and the State of Florida. With more than 30 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney and hundreds of jury trials, Daniel earned tremendous accolades from judges, other lawyers, defendants, and even jurors. Daniel started his legal career as a state prosecutor and became the chief of the Narcotics division before opening his own law practice in 1985.


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