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What is an Injunction?

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Injunctions or ‘orders of protection’ are put in place by the court to essentially keep a person from doing an action. That action could be having contact with someone, going near a person, or some other kind of activity.

Injunctions are used as a form of protection in many different situations. As a result, there are several types of injunctions in Florida.

Whether you are seeking an injunction or have had one filed against you, it is extremely important to know how it will affect you and what your rights are.

Attorney Danny Fernandez has many years of experience representing both victims and respondents in domestic violence, domestic violence battery, and injunction cases. If you have been affected by either of these, Mr. Fernandez can help you make sense of the law that applies and help you succeed in your case.

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Why Are Injunctions Filed?

Generally, an injunction for protection may be pursued if a person has been threatened and/or does not feel safe.

This includes victims of crimes such as:

Victims of the offenses above can seek an injunction with the help of an attorney, whether or not a criminal case arises from the incident(s). Injunctions can require that there be space between people for the sake of safety.

Is It A Crime To Have An Injunction Filed Against Me?

Injunctions are not the same as criminal charges. Getting served with an injunction does NOT mean you are being charged with a crime by the State of Florida.

However, it is a crime in Florida to violate the terms of an injunction, which can have unfortunate legal consequences. This is why you should contact an experienced attorney about your rights if an injunction has been filed against you.

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Temporary vs. Permanent Injunctions

Both temporary and permanent injunctions will have court-ordered terms that legally must be met by both the Petitioner (seeking the injunction) and the Respondent (who the injunction is filed against). That is, both kinds of injunctions should be taken seriously.

As for differences between the two, temporary injunctions are typically put in place without any need for a hearing whereas a court must determine whether or not to grant a permanent injunction based on a formal hearing. This could mean that if the court grants a temporary injunction, it may continue until there is a final hearing to decide if it should be made permanent or continue to stay in place.

The length of time before a formal injunction hearing can depend on factors in each individual case. An experienced injunction lawyer may be able to give you a clearer timeline for your case and explain what options you have.

What Are My Rights In An Injunction Case?

Whether you are seeking an injunction or facing an injunction being filed against you, the terms may affect your life if the court grants it. The consequences of violating your injunction, even by mistake, can be severe.

This is where an attorney can make a huge difference. It can be hard to learn and understand the court-ordered conditions and that is the benefit of hiring us to help you.

A lawyer can talk to you about the conditions and details of your injunction case so you can better protect yourself and your future.

With years of experience working with both petitioners and respondents, Tampa Attorney Danny Fernandez can ease your mind and help you in many ways. Specifically, he can:

  • make suggestions based on legal principles to guide you toward a successful case outcome
  • prepare strong evidence and paperwork
  • explain the details of your case
  • answer your questions and get you ready for upcoming court appearances

If you were served with an injunction or seeking to have one filed, contact an attorney right away. When the stakes are high, a lawyer can see that your rights are protected to the fullest extent possible under Florida law.

Contact Tampa Attorney Danny Fernandez For Injunction Help

Injunctions can have a major effect on people’s lives. It can change what they can do from day to day, who they can see and talk to, and where they can go.

As unusual as they may be, injunctions are not to be taken lightly. They are typically set in place because of serious situations.

As a result, failing to respect the rules of an injunction could have devastating consequences. To prevent this, you should absolutely know your rights if you are a party to an injunction.

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Daniel J. Fernandez

Daniel J. Fernandez

Daniel J. Fernandez defends individuals charged with a misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses throughout the Tampa Bay area and the State of Florida. With more than 30 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney and hundreds of jury trials, Daniel earned tremendous accolades from judges, other lawyers, defendants, and even jurors. Daniel started his legal career as a state prosecutor and became the chief of the Narcotics division before opening his own law practice in 1985.

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