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Youthful Offender Criminal Defense Lawyer Tampa

What Is the Juvenile Arrest Avoidance Program?

The juvenile arrest avoidance program or JAAP, is an alternative to arrest for youth 8-17 years of age who commit certain first-time misdemeanor offenses. Section 985.12, Florida Statutes, gives law enforcement the ability to issue the juvenile a civil citation in lieu of arrest. Juveniles will receive a risk assessment

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Youthful Offender Criminal Defense Lawyer Tampa

What Is the Youthful Offender Act?

The youthful offender act was created to deal with offenders who do not belong in the juvenile justice system and should not be treated as harshly as adults in the criminal justice system. Its sort of a halfway point between the two. The youthful offender act provides sentencing alternatives to

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Youthful Offender Defense Attorney Tampa Florida

Ley de Delincuentes Juveniles

Ley de Delincuentes Juveniles – por el Abogado de Defensa Criminal de Tampa, Daniel J. Fernández Lo que necesita saber sobre la Ley de Delincuentes Juveniles. Los experimentados abogados de defensa criminal en Fernandez & representan agresivamente a clientes que han sido arrestados en el área de Tampa Bay, incluyendo

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