What Is the Youthful Offender Act?

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The youthful offender act was created to deal with offenders who do not belong in the juvenile justice system and should not be treated as harshly as adults in the criminal justice system. Its sort of a halfway point between the two. The youthful offender act provides sentencing alternatives to criminal penalties if the court […]

Should Juvenile Offenders Be Treated As Adults?

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Javarick Henderson Jr. is accused of fatally stabbing his grandmother in St. Petersburg, Florida. Henderson, who is 13 years old, has been indicted for first-degree murder by a grand jury and if convicted, he will face life in prison. “Should a 13-year-old accused of murder be in the adult system?” See Tampa Bay Times article […]

Can I Get My Probation or Community Control Modified or Terminated Early?

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If you have been placed on probation or community control, a judge may modify or terminate a term of probation or community control and discharge you at any time. When satisfied that it will be in the best interests of justice and the welfare of society, a judge may discharge a probationer or offender on […]

Is Drug Abuse and Addiction Really a Crime?

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If you have been arrested for a drug-related offense, you may be eligible for help rather than incarceration. Some courts have begun to realize that crime is not always the problem, it is often a symptom of the real problem, drug abuse, and addiction. Each Florida county treats drug abuse and addiction differently. Hillsborough County […]

Is Hiring a Bigger Law Firm Better Than Hiring a Small Law Firm?

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It is not always better to hire a large firm than a smaller or boutique law firm. When it comes to choosing a law firm, there are literally thousands of options available. Too many people instinctively head toward larger firms simply because they wrongly assume bigger is always better. Sure, if you are a large […]

What Is the Difference Between Petit Theft and Grand Theft?

Governor Ron DeSantis approved changes in felony theft sentencing which is an important step in the right direction. Governor DeSantis recently signed into law a bill that increases the felony theft threshold from $300 to $750. “So that the punishment matches the crime more appropriately for modern times,” said Scott McCoy with the Southern Poverty […]

What is a Federal Downward Departure Sentence?

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If you have been arrested for a federal offense and are looking at a sentencing hearing, you may be eligible for a downward departure from the sentencing guidelines. A sentencing hearing in federal court is a hearing where the judge determines what sentence to impose. Federal district court judges must consider the seven factors set […]

Is Federal Child Pornography A Serious Offense?

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If you have been arrested for a federal child pornography offense you may need a competent federal criminal trial attorney. Being accused of a child pornography crime can adversely affect your job, personal life and standing in the community. If convicted of a federal child pornography charge you may be facing harsh penalties. It is […]

Can I Get My Federal Probation Modified or Terminated Early?

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If you have been placed on federal probation, a judge may modify or terminate a term of probation and discharge a defendant at any time after the expiration of one year of probation. What is Modification of Probation? When a person is sentenced to probation the judge orders some general rules and some specific rules. […]

Can I Get Evidence Tossed out and Have My Case Dismissed?

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If you have been stopped or arrested and evidence has been seized as a result of the stop or arrest, you are entitled to a suppression hearing to determine whether the evidence was properly seized. In many cases, a law enforcement officer will improperly seize evidence after a warrantless stop, detention or arrest, without reasonable […]